When it's about GPS, the Garmin name has been a leader for quite a while. Virtually all people select Garmin when they are searching for a GPS system for their cars. Garmin has come a long way from the huge bulky devices designed for cars and they are now producing wrist worn GPS systems. When Garmin first went about creating the wrist worn devices they were hardly popular. Because all the technology that was required to be fit in the device, it was not a very handy size. Their initial units were still roughly the same size of the Garmin you would use in your vehicle, it just had a wrist band attached.

Nonetheless, with the new Garmin 305, the size has been reduced exceedingly. Although it is not yet the size of an average wrist watch, it is much smaller than their older versions.

This is a nice small gadget which comprises both GPS and a Heart Rate Monitors. This was done to cater to folks who take their exercising and adventures seriously. Because Garmin also made this device waterproof, you don't have to worry if it starts raining while you're running or biking.

The new design also wraps around your wrist, making this the most comfortable device so far. And the screen itself is a big wide screen display, making this unit extremely easy to read.

Changing the batteries all the time will not be an issue either as this GPS device is powered by a rechargeable battery. And the fact that this GPS device has a cradle so you can charge the unit from your computer is simply another positive.

The GPS portion is completely amazing for the size of the unit. This unit nevertheless allows you to save destinations, just like its more sizable brother. And thanks to this feature, it makes it really quick and easy to plan a running or bicycling route that you would like to use in the future.

And for those of you who want more of a workout tool, you will observe some impressive features with this unit. Not only will you be able to see your heart rate to keep it steady but you will also be able to find out the number of calories you burn during your exercise session. In addition, you will have the ability to set this unit so you can compete against your best run times or you can challenge a virtual runner or biker to a race. This feature can add a little fun to any workout program and will also help to keep you exercise more.

Amazon.com offers this GPS device and other devices in the 305 series. You can purchase the Garmin Forerunner 305 for just $128. And if you end up purchasing this through Amazon, you will end up saving over 50% off the retail price.

This wrist unit comes with a lot more features that we never even covered here, so if you're looking for other features, this unit may have them. You truly must check this unit out before you decide to purchase any type of wristband GPS with Heart Rate Monitor Review. This is an extremely well constructed piece of equipment and because it is producedcreated by Garmin you know you will be buying a high quality unit.

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